An Evaluation of Factors Determining Patients’ Choice of Dental Prosthesis in a Nigerian Tertiary Health Institution



Dental prosthesis, factors, patients’ choice, teeth replacement


Objective: This study aimed at determining the factors that influence patients’ decision-making process in the choice of teeth replacement.

Methods: This survey was conducted among 242 patients between 17 to 86 years, seeking dental prosthesis in a tertiary dental institution in Lagos, Nigeria. Data was collected using pre-tested interviewer-administered questionnaires designed to evaluate the factors determining patients’ choice of dental prostheses. The resulting data were statistically tested using chi-square and Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient with p-value ? 0.05 indicating significant level.

Results: Most recruited participants opted for Acrylic resin removable partial dentures (RPD). Amongst those who chose RPD, a significant number of participants 128(82.5%) did so, due to the cost of the prosthesis (p=0.001). Patients who opted for fixed replacement considered improved aesthetics 74(88.1%), chewing ability 79(94.1%) and comfort 75(89.2%). Fear of surgical procedure, made participants choose dentures and bridges.

Conclusion: Resin-based removable partial dentures were the most utilized options for teeth replacement in our Nigerian study population as these patients perceive them as cost-effective. Also, patients’ choice of fixed prosthesis was often due to their perceived aesthetic and functional advantages.

Keywords: Dental prosthesis, factors, patients’ choice, teeth replacement