Evaluation of Aesthetic Outcome of Single Tooth Implant Borne Restoration


  • Yetunde O. AJAYI Department of Restorative Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Sciences, University of Lagos
  • Bolanle O. AKINBOBOYE Department of Restorative Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Sciences, University of Lagos


Pink aesthetic score, White aesthetic score,, Implant


Objective: To evaluate aesthetic outcome of single dental implants placed in anterior and premolar area of
dental arches using the pink and white aesthetic scores.
Methods: Twenty-nine implants placed in the anterior and premolar region for single tooth replacement in
20 patients were evaluated. The patients were treated with single dental implants (6-8mm length bicon
implant) that supported porcelain fused to metal crowns. Aesthetic outcome was evaluated a year after
placement of dental implant, by assessing both clinical and photographed implant crowns with the
contralateral teeth. The pink aesthetic score and white aesthetic score (PES & WES) were used to assess the
aesthetic outcome.
Results: Twenty nine implants were placed in 20 patients (9 males and 11 females); six implants were
immediate placements. A year after placement, all the implants had integrated with healthy peri-implant
soft tissues according to standard clinical parameters. The mean score for pink aesthetics score was 8.9±
1.47 (range 6-12). Gingiva texture (1.76±0.44) had highest mean score and the least mean score was for scar
(1.10±0.49). The mean for White aesthetic score was 7.76±1.35 (range 5-10) with tooth volume having
highest mean score as 2. and least mean score for characterization (1.03±0.42). The mean total pink
aesthetic score/white aesthetic score was 16.66 on a maximum of 22.
Conclusion: The objective assessment of aesthetic outcome using PES/WES index reveals that implant
placement at aesthetic zone was successful. Guided tissue regeneration may be necessary to achieve a
satisfactorily level of gingiva.