Reviewer’s Guidelines and Template

Reviewers hold the maximum responsibility for the acceptance of manuscripts in the Nigerian Journal of Dental Research.

Reviewers are expected to adhere to the guidelines below.

  • Inform the editor if they are not competent or would not be available to review the assigned manuscript within 48 hours via phone call/WhatsApp/SMS or email.
  • Ensure confidentiality and be objective in the review process.
  • Avoid printing the manuscripts or using the manuscript for lecture or any other purpose during the review process.
  • Make corrections directly on the assigned manuscript and remarks on the reviewer’s guide.
  • Notify the editor within 14 days or at most 21days of the corrections/decisions on the assigned/reviewed manuscript.
  • Notify the editor within 3 days or at most 7 days of the corrections/decisions on the revised manuscript
  • Declare conflict of interest: if any, in relation to the manuscript

We sincerely thank our reviewers who give their time to peer-review manuscripts submitted to the Nigerian Journal of Dental Research

PART A: Editorial Office Only


Reviewer’s Name:




Manuscript Number:

Nigerian Journal of Dental Research (NJDR): Professionalism





Date Sent To Reviewer:


Date Expected From Reviewer:


  PART B: Reviewer Only

 SECTION II: Comments per Section of Manuscript

General comment:



















SECTION III - Please rate the following: (1 = Excellent) (2 = Good) (3 = Fair) (4 = Poor)



Contribution To The Field:


Technical Quality:


Clarity Of Presentation:


Depth Of Research:



SECTION IV - Recommendation: (Kindly Mark With An X)

Accept As Is:


Requires Minor Corrections:


Requires Moderate Revision:


Requires Major Revision:


Submit To Another Publication Such As:


Reject On Grounds Of (Please Be Specific):


SECTION V: Additional Comments

Please add any additional comments (Including comments/suggestions regarding online supplementary materials, if any): As seen in tracked changes in the attached document