Knowledge and practice of health workers to tooth avulsion in a teaching hospital in Lagos, Nigeria.


  • Modupe Oluwafunmilayo ASHIWAJU Department of Child Dental Health, College of Medicine, University of Lagos
  • Omotayo Adebola OREMOSU Department of Restorative Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Sciences. College of Medicine, University of Lagos
  • Omolola Olubunmi ORENUGA Department of Child Dental Health, College of Medicine, University of Lagos
  • Ezi Abigail AKAJI Department of Preventive Dentistry. Faculty of Dentistry. University of Nigeria, Enugu


Objective: The health care workers (HCW) may be the
first contact of a tooth avulsion case. This study aimed
to assess their knowledge and practice of emergency
management of tooth avulsion.
Methods: The cross-sectional study was carried out
among health care workers in a teaching hospital, using
a self-administered questionnaires containing closed
and open-ended questions, on their knowledge and
practice of management of tooth avulsion. Data
collected was analyzed using EPI info version 7 statistical
Results: A total of 362 questionnaires were
administered with a response rate of 90.4%. The health
care workers were 331 between the ages of 18years to
64years. There were 200(60.4%) females and
131(39.6%) males (ratio 3:2). Less than half (41.7%) of
the respondents rated their knowledge on avulsion as
About half of the respondents 156(47.1%) reported that
primary tooth should be replaced into the socket. The
knowledge of how to hold avulsed tooth among
217(65.6%) of the respondents was incorrect. More than
half 185(55.9%) answered that avulsed teeth, will be
stored in a dry medium. Less than half, 146(44.1%) knew
the appropriate storage media to be used. Only a third
122(36.9%) were confident in their knowledge to replant
an avulsed tooth.
About a third 114(34.4%) of HCW had encountered an
avulsion case, most were dentists and nurses. More than
a quarter 92(27.7%) referred the avulsion while (16.1%)
did nothing to the avulsed tooth.
Conclusion: There is a need to increase the knowledge
and practice of HCW, so that immediate replantation
can be practiced thereby improving the prognosis for
replanted teeth.




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