Awareness and Choice of Dentistry as a Career among Students in University Preparatory Classes


  • Nneka Kate ONYEJAKA, BDS, FWACS Department of Child Dental Health, University of Nigeria, Enugu
  • Chibuike Ifeanyi EGWIM, BDS Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu


dentistry, awareness, career.


Objective: To identify the level of awareness of Dentistry and the reasons for choosing the course for study
among students attending examination preparatory classes into tertiary institutions in Nigeria.
Methods: This was a cross-sectional study of 342 students attending examination preparatory classes in
Enugu East Local Government Area, Enugu, Nigeria. Data on sex, age, type of secondary school attended, past
visits to dental clinic, being aware of dentistry as a course in the university and choice of dentistry as a career
was obtained. Bivariate analysis was conducted.
Results: Two hundred and forty one students (70.5%) were aware of dentistry while 44(12.9%) chose it as a
career. Attending private secondary school was significantly associated with awareness of dentistry (p=0.02)
as a course. Friends (30.0%) were the major source of information about dentistry while the desire to treat
patients (52.3%) was the major reason that influenced choosing dentistry as a career.
Conclusion: Most students were aware of dentistry. The type of secondary school attended had an effect on
awareness of dentistry while the desire to take care of patients was the main reason for choosing dentistry by
students in the university preparatory classes.
Keywords: dentistry, awareness, career.