Knowledge and Attitude of Specialist Hospital Health Care Workers to Dental Services in Benin City.



Dental visit, oral health awareness, health care workers, dental clinic


Objective: To examine the knowledge and attitude to dental services among Health Care Workers in a specialist hospital setting.

Methods: This descriptive study was carried out among all cadres of workers in Edo Specialist Hospital (ESH); a government-owned secondary health facility located in Benin City. A structured online questionnaire created using Google forms was used to collect data anonymously from participants. The online form extracted information on demographic characteristics, oral health awareness, pattern of dental visits, and utilization of dental services at Edo Specialist Hospital. The data obtained were analysed using SPSS version 26.0 for frequency distribution and cross tabulation. Test for statistical significance was done using chi-square statistics.

Results: Majority of the participants had never visited a dentist before (59, 54.6%). Majority (48, 44.4%) of the respondents reported that they had not seen the need to visit. Among the respondents, the commonest reasons for previous dental visits were toothache (15, 13.9%) and Stains and deposits on the teeth (13, 12.0%). Majority (76, 70.4%) of respondents had a good or fair understanding of the causes of dental caries. All participants (108,100%) were aware that there was a dental clinic at Edo Specialist Hospital (ESH). However, majority (86, 79.6%) had never visited it. Among the respondents, the commonest reason given for not attending the dental clinic at ESH was that they never saw the need to visit (54, 50.0%). On the other hand, the commonest reasons given for visiting the dental clinic at ESH were toothache (12, 11.2%) and Stains and deposits on the teeth (5, 4.7%). There was a significant relationship between the Staff cadre and previous dental visits.

Conclusion: Knowledge of dental care and service utilization was poor. Clinically indicated dental visit was seen among healthcare workers in a specialist healthcare facility


Author Biographies

Uyiosa Julia EREGIE

Department of Restorative Dentistry, Edo Specialist Hospital, Benin City.


Department of Restorative Dentistry, Edo Specialist Hospital, Benin City.