Immediate complete dentures: a case report.

Immediate complete dentures report


  • Tunde Joshua OGUNRINDE


Complete denture, Conventional denture, immediate denture


Background:  Immediate complete denture is one of the treatment options in patients requiring extraction. It plays a significant role in the immediate restoration of aesthetics and other oral functions. The dentures are fabricated before the extraction of all the remaining teeth and delivered immediately to the patient after the extraction.


Case: This presents a case of a patient with aggressive periodontitis managed with an immediate complete denture. The patient had reservations about conventional complete dentures due to concerns about being seen as edentulous while extraction sockets healed. The patient was satisfied with the simple and economical treatment modality of immediate complete denture.



Author Biography

Tunde Joshua OGUNRINDE

Department of Restorative Dentistry, University of Ibadan/University College Hospital, Ibadan. Nigeria